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Cancer Experiences: Coping with Cancer in the Family

Cancer: Family Experiences

What’s it like when a son and brother is diagnosed with leukemia? Your Teen Magazine recently asked the Miozzi family of Solon, Ohio, to its share its perspective on what coping with cancer means.

Teen Perspective

TP-Vince Miozzi HeadshotBy Vince Miozzi, cancer patient

Vince, the eldest of five children, was diagnosed with childhood Leukemia at thirteen. But he refused to be upset about it. Instead, he took it as a challenge. He knew he would struggle, but he also believed he would ultimately beat cancer. Read More. 

Parents’ Perspectives

TP-FrankKatieBy Frank Miozzi, father, and Katy Miozzi, mother

Vince’s parents describe their personal experiences, watching their oldest son struggle with cancer for three years. The devastation of the experience has changed both of their lifes forever. Read more.

Sibling Perspective

TP-Norm MiozziBy Norm Miozzi, age 16

At age twelve, Norm did not know he was going to become the new “oldest brother” in the house. With Vince and his parents dealing with Vince’s cancer, it was up to Norm to take care of his younger siblings. How did he handle these new responsibilities as his family struggled with cancer? Read more.

Sibling Perspective

TP-Bridget MiozziBy Bridget Miozzi, age 14

Finding out her oldest brother had cancer was a horrible shock. And Bridget’s life has not been the same since. Helping take responsibility for her two younger siblings, and yet feeling helpless. Even now that her brother is in recovery, her life has been altered. Read more.

Sibling Perspective

TP-Luke MiozziBy Luke Miozzi, age 11

Luke was only six years old when Vince had to go to the hospital. He knew that Vince was sick, and it was hard not being able to see him every day. But even when Vince was sick, Luke knew Vince and his family loved him dearly. And he loves Vince dearly too. Read more.

Sibling Perspective

TP-Eileen MiozziBy Eileen Miozzi, age 8

When Vince had to go to the hospital, it was hard to be separated from her family. She missed her big brother, and her parents. And she knew how sad Vince was to be sick, and did her best to make him smile. “I still hug Vince every day, anyway. We all hug him, but I hug him the most.” Read more.

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