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Parents Providing Alcohol To Minors? That’s Not Cool

Giving Minors Alcohol: Why would parents host?

the virtual family blogs talks about parents hosting teenage drinking

Parents providing alcohol to minors … it happens. I heard from a friend that there was a party last weekend at a girl’s house. The girl is a freshman and the kids were drinking and “hooking up,” as you say. Apparently, the parents supplied the alcohol. Amnon and Ryan, did you hear anything about this party?

I am sorry but this really, really upsets me. It’s wrong on so many levels. What were those parents thinking? First of all, it’s illegal for them to provide alcohol to teenagers and secondly, who do they think they are? Who gave those parents the power to determine that other people’s kids can drink? Did they call all of the parents to get permission to give these underage teens alcohol? Does this happen often – where parents buy the alcohol for the kids?

Devan, did this happen when you were in high school? How do you feel about other kids’ parents providing alcohol to minors at parties?

I never had a parent supply the alcohol while I was in high school or in college (the kids always had to find a way to get that themselves) but I have been to parties where the parents were on the property but not at the party.

Parents Hosting Teenage Drinking

I have to agree with you. Parents hosting teenage drinking is SO stupid, and I hope those parents get caught and prosecuted. You make a very good point; it is not their right to decide that other people’s kids are responsible enough or old enough to drink.

Frankly, I think it would be weird for a parent to supply the drinks for a party. Something about it seems off. I’d be worried that it was a set up. I think it is more common that an older brother or sister supplies the drinks.

I never went to a party where the parents supplied the alcohol, and I wouldn’t want to.

Yeah, I heard about it. Whether or not the parents are supplying the alcohol, I really couldn’t say. Either way, there’s most likely going to be drinks and kids getting sick and hung-over, which apparently some find fun.

Supplying Kids?

It’s unbelievably weird and wrong for parents to supply kids with alcohol. The parents are encouraging kids to do something illegal and potentially life threatening. As much as I like you and dad to be whacky and understanding of my teenager’s lifestyle, in the end you are the ones I look to for a guiding hand. If you were to serve alcohol to my friends and me, we would have less respect for you. Why would we listen to adults tell us what is it right and wrong, when they intentionally crossed the line themselves.

I would like to know what is going through those parent’s heads? I mean, are you serious about buying drinks for minors? Parents are supposed to teach and raise their children to be good citizens and good people, and that includes teaching us what is right and what is wrong. A parent who breaks the law is setting a terrible example and I’m pretty sure that goes in the “WRONG” column. Their first responsibility as parents should be keeping their kids safe. So why would a parent who is trying to keep their kids safe give their children substances that can not only injure them, but also kill them?

Wake Up!

Here’s how I see it: Parents, are you really willing to risk the lives of your kids and their friends just to be seen as “the cool parent”? First of all, if you answered “yes” to this question, you should get some professional advice. Also, you are wrong for thinking that handing out alcohol makes you the “cool” parent. Like the Pepsi Max commercial says, “Wake up people!”

Seeing as I’m only 14, I haven’t seen any of this happen, but I’m sure it will in the future. I’m also sure if I hear about, I’ll make sure to give a pretty nasty look of disgust to the parent the next time I see him or her.

Sorry, I too would like to be the cool Dad, but parents hosting teenage drinking is just stupid. What are these parents thinking?

Drinking is going to be something that kids experiment with, I understand. But as a parent my job is to teach them responsibility, and safety. How are these kids getting home after they were drinking? Are these irresponsible parents allowing kids to drive drunk? And how dare they make these choices for other parents?

Be the cool parent by letting your kids skip school once in a while, letting them go for a midnight ice cream run, (or overindulging them with Lil Wayne Tickets)!

Mindy Gallagher is the Social Media Manager for Your Teen Magazine. She is the assistant coach for the girls’ lacrosse team for Solon High School in Ohio.

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