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Keeping Kids Safe: Risky Behavior In Teens From Driving To Alcohol

The recent news looms large in our minds: Six Warren teenagers died in a stolen SUV piloted by an unlicensed driver and a West Virginia girl who ended up the victim of rape in Steubenville. Listen to this honest discussion about risky behavior in teens and keeping kids safe with Stephanie Silverman, Publisher, Your Teen MagazineCapt. Guy Turner, Public Information Officer, Westlake Police Department, and Judy Stenta, Director of the Social Advocates for Youth Program, Bellefaire JCB.

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Keeping Young People Safe


When the Sound Of Ideas reporter roundtable discussed the Steubenville case last Friday, in which two football players were subsequently convicted of raping an intoxicated girl, we received several calls from concerned parents. Their question: where were the adults when the kids were illegally drinking?

Welcome to the Sound Of Ideas. I’m Mike McIntyre. Often parents say they’re unaware their child was attending a gathering where beer and liquor got the party going. Should they be? Besides refusing to host an underage drinking party, which is illegal, what other steps can parents take to try to keep their independent minded teens safe?

And it’s not just about alcohol. Six your people from Warren died this month when a 19-year-old girl driving a stolen SUV lost control and flipped it into a pond just before dawn. Eight kids were packed into a car meant for five. This morning we’re offering advice and seeking it too. How do you make it easier for your kids to make good choices? First, today’s news.

It’s the Sound Of Ideas on 90.3 WCPN Idea Stream. I’m Mike McIntyre. Good morning, thanks for being with us today. Sometimes you really can’t protect your kids. TJ Lane could prove that by killing three kids in the cafeteria of Chardon High School a year ago. And you can’t control a child’s ever action. The grandparents who raised Lane must’ve been as shocked as anyone by his callous and unrepentant behavior in court yesterday. Lane’s antics are the most recent headlines for parents to ponder. Earlier this week, it was the conviction of two Steubenville football players who violated a sixteen-year-old girl.

(For the rest of this discussion, please listen to the linked podcast)

Stephanie Schaeffer Silverman is publisher of Your Teen Magazine.

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