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Sisters Fighting All The Time: We Fight Over Everything (Even Books)

“Don’t worry. When you’re older you are going to be best friends with your sisters.” My grandma says this to my sisters and me countless times, but I never believe her.

If you say that you have never fought with your siblings, you’re probably lying. I have two sisters—one older and one younger—and I fight with them a lot. TV, food, nail polish, cleaning, reading, you name it we fight about it.

The Conflict Between Sisters

From what I can remember, it started when my little sister was born. I was the youngest until then and I liked it that way. I liked all the attention. But when she was born, I got jealous because everyone was getting her presents and surrounding her. (I admit, I was a little proud to be a big sister.)

When she got old enough, we had the same fight over and over again. She annoyed me, I would hurt her, she would run to my big sister and both would be mad at me. Then she told my mom that I had hurt her and my mom would punish me. That fight happened constantly, over and over and was never resolved.

My sisters and I frequently bicker over small things. TV is always a fight. We always disagree about who gets to pick which show and for how long. We’ll say things like “I didn’t get to watch the whole show so I get to pick another show.” Or “why can’t we just watch Netflix, I hate this show.” But we eventually figure something out.

We constantly make deals with each other and soon break them, which causes more and more arguments. Sometimes my mom gets so tired of these disagreements, she makes us go in the same room until the problem is fixed.

This year, we began to fight about reading. Before, only my older and younger sisters liked to read. With a six-year age difference, they weren’t reading the same books so they didn’t fight about them. This year, I started to love reading and I especially love to read the books my older sister has read. She always picks great books. I love them so much, I obsess over them and my whole family finds it annoying. Because of this, my sister and I end up fighting. She says that I can’t read her books anymore because I get too annoying. That doesn’t stop me; I still read the same books as her, I just get my own copy.

It might not sound like it, but as we are getting older, we do fight much less. We still don’t always get along, but we also don’t argue as much as we used to. I like it better this way, we aren’t disagreeing and bickering 24/7. I feel like we are closer now and have a better relationship with each other.

Ultimately, my sisters and I have a pretty good relationship; we love each other no matter how much we fight. That is one thing we can agree on.

Kayla Soclof is in 8th grade.

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