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Teens Share Trends That Need to “Die Already” (In 2016)

Back in 2015, we asked teens about trends that need to ‘die already’. Have these trends died out? You tell us!

2015 Trends That Teens Couldn’t Stand

I hate the word Bae.

—Marisa, Long Island, NY

Boys wearing calf socks with shorts. And Donald Trump.

—Bailey, Washington, DC.

Definitely the whip and the nae nae!! It’s so weird when my friends randomly break out into the dance in public!!

George Dalton, who plays Arty on Netflix’s “Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp”

The Kardashians

Garret, Middletown, MD

I want Vineyard Vines to die. It’s just stupid.

Jared, Gaithersburg, MD

Posting selfies … our generation should spend more time building leadership skills than posting personal pictures all day. We should focus on education, family, and community. Character is earned through hard work and not instant gratification through a “like”.

Madison Nicole Robinson, founder of FishFlops and a spokesperson for the National Honor Society

The thigh gap—it’s a trend that suggests you are only beautiful if you have certain measurements, but the reality is that beauty isn’t just limited to those people. People who are thin are beautiful and people who aren’t are as well.

Meredith O’Connor, American singer-songwriter, who just released her debut album, “I Am Meredith O’Connor”.

I don’t like high-waisted anything. I just don’t. And I hate Fetty Wap.

Jared, New York, NY

The Kylie Jenner lip challenge.

Jordy, Hollywood, FL


Matt Sarafa, “Project Runway Junior”


Jack, Manalapan, NJ

Saying ‘squad’.

Cambria, Philadelphia, PA

Teens Call These Stupid Trends. How Many Lasted?

Cultural appropriation and racism thinly veiled by political correctness. And platform shoes.

Elizabeth, Brinnell, IA

Dad bod!

Anne, Richmond, VA

Everyone hating on Taylor Swift’s love life.

Anneliese, Rochester, NY

The TV show Scream Queens.

Hallel, Woodbridge, CT

High-waisted cut-off jean shorts.

Brittany, Cincinnati, OH

The selfie stick.

Brett, Cincinnati, OH

The saying “what are those”. At first it was funny, but then after a while, everyone screaming “what are those” at people got really annoying.

Hailey Sole, who stars in the hit CBS series “Criminal Minds” and Netflix’s “Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp”

The rise of Snapchat.

Julia, La Jolla, CA


Alexis, Solon, OH

The really long hashtag on social media.

Ryan, New York, NY


Dylan, Los Angeles, CA

The obsession with the nipple.

Shelby, Columbus, OH

So how many of these trends have stuck around today?

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