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4 Single Parenting Tips: Easing Into Fall And Preparing For Back To School

Well, we are fully entrenched in September and everything that accompanies this lovely autumnal season. Your routine has likely morphed into something radically different from summer. How’s that going? Are you having trouble making the adjustment, especially with the noise and chaos that comes with raising teenagers on your own?

I hear ya loud and clear, so today I’m sharing a few restorative tips from my home to yours.

Single Mom Advice For The Fall

  1. Start saying no. Your calendar is likely plum full of back-to-school events at the kids’ schools; commit to those, but start declining those other things that aren’t must-dos. This month especially, save your energy for the once-a-year, back-to-school stuff and catch up with friends next month. And make sure you keep at least one week night open for some breathing room until you get your feet back under you.
  2. Get moving. This is the very best season for enjoying nature. The heat has settled down a bit and as the leaves change, your attitude can follow suit. It also smells amazing this time of year. Try to get your teens to join you (best of luck), but if not, make sure you do this for yourself. You will feel better, sleep better, and be less stressed. Who doesn’t want that?
  3. Make a bucket List: I try to write out a bucket list for each season; experiences and events that I want to be sure the boys and I do. For autumn, it’s apple picking, making pumpkin bread, and shopping at the local thrift stores for creative Halloween costumes. What’s on your bucket list?
  4. Do something for yourself. I like to get new candles that smell of cinnamon, vanilla, or nutmeg; something cozy and seasonal. And then I light the candle every night as a touchstone, a way to transition into my evening routine. If it’s in the budget, I might also spring for a new, super soft throw to wrap yourself into as the evenings cool down. Think of it as an adult blankie/comfort item. Your splurge might be football tickets, a new sweater … whatever it is, it should be for you to enjoy.

September is a beautiful month, so do your very best to leave some margin in your day to experience it with all of your senses. All of your efforts can add up to a better, more calmer and happier you!

Renee Brown lives in Minneapolis with her two tall sons—Sam, 20, and Zachary, 18—and three obstinate felines. She is a senior account executive working in advertising and an avid reader, wine drinker, creative writer, and yoga enthusiast.

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