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The Worried Parent: What You Should (and Should Not) Worry About

When to worry? When not to worry? As a parent of a teenager, the answer is not always obvious (at all). Your Teen’s Susan Borison chats with Sandra Fowler of Heart Filled Radio about what parents of teenagers should worry about—and what’s not worth worrying about. Their conversation may surprise you. Listen to the podcast by clicking here.

Parental Anxiety: What To Focus On


Sandy Fowler: Welcome back to Heart Filled Holidays, where families create happiness. Today, as I promised, we are interviewing Susan Borison. Susan is the founder and editor of Your Teen Media. She is the proud mother of five children, so she definitely knows what she is talking about here. And if you chat with her, she’ll tell you that as a mom, her law degree really came in handy. But publishing a parenting magazine for parents of teenagers has definitely been more valuable for her.

So, Susan, welcome to Heart Filled Holidays.

Susan Borison: Thank you, glad to be here.

Sandy Fowler: I appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule running your business, taking care of your family, and taking care of yourself and your hubby too. That’s going to take a lot of time out of your schedule, and we are very excited that you are going to be sharing some of your insights and tips about teens with us today.

Susan Borison: Great!

Sandy Fowler: So I know that in the work you’ve done, you have learned a lot about teens and parents and families, and when we spoke, one of the things you mentioned was that parents tend to worry and get themselves worked up over the wrong things, that the things that we think are a danger to our kids aren’t really the biggest dangers out there. And that, kind of putting that energy sometimes into the wrong place, that we need a little heads up on here are the things we definitely need to pay attention to. Not that we ignore everything else.

Susan Borison: Right. Well what I would say is that why would we know? When we’re starting this parenting journey with young children, we have no clue what we’re doing and we spend a lot of time talking to friends and sharing information, and there’s some funny assumption that as you do this longer you get better at it, but the truth is when your kids hit each new stage, you’re a brand new mom all over again.

(For the rest of the interview, please listen to our podcast)

Susan Borison, mother of five, is the founder and editor of Your Teen Media. Because parenting teenagers is humbling and shouldn’t be tackled alone.

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