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How Moms Wreck Their Teen’s Morning. Every. Day.

Sometimes, it seems like we moms can’t do anything right. Ask a teenager, and they’ll complain that the refrigerator is always empty, the demands to help with chores are too frequent, and the rules are too strict. Then, they’ll share all the things their moms can’t do: change the channel, learn the latest TikTok dance, understand them.

Sigh. It’s a miracle we have any shred of confidence at all.

However, it turns out that moms do have some pretty amazing talents, and we showcased one of them recently on social media. It doesn’t matter where you live, how many teens live in your house, or what day it is, moms are geniuses when it comes to getting our teens off to a bad start each day. Yes, like Odysseus (the man of twists and turns), Bruce Springsteen (the Boss), and Diana of Wales (the people’s princess), we have earned our epithet of Mom, the Wrecker of Mornings!

How Moms Ruin the Morning

1. Too much kindness

Who knew that teenagers do not like being treated kindly in the morning? But any of these actions can result in what one mom describes as the “death glare.”

  • Saying “good morning” too cheerfully
  • Saying I love you and/or have a great day
  • Trying to kiss the top of your head while you’re eating breakfast. We have some nerve.

2. Too much curiosity

It doesn’t matter what the question is or whether it is asked with good intention. Questions are a morning killer.

  • Asking if they’re ready for their test
  • Asking “what do you want for breakfast?” Or “Did you have a good night sleep?” in a soft voice
  • Asking anything

3. Too much concern for their well being

Apparently, health and hygiene are also off limits.

  • I usually ruin things by reminding them to brush their hair or put on deodorant.
  • This morning I told my son his hair looked like it needed a little help. Oh the eye rolling and stomping.
  • I said, “The other skirt looks better with that sweater”

4. Too much being a mom

Let’s be clear. All the talk about giving people grace. That’s just not a thing for teens in the morning.

  • Just opening the bedroom door!!!
  • Chewing too loudly
  • Sneezing too loudly
  • Singing… especially along with the radio…and super especially if there are (gasp, eye-roll, side-eye) OTHER people in the car
  • Using slang – correctly or incorrectly

Yep. Basically just by existing, moms have single-handedly destroyed mornings for our teenagers. However, there are a few wise ones who have found a workaround and preserved the peace. Their strategies?

How Moms Save the Morning

  • Ease into the morning with a hug and not saying a word until they’re ready
  • The less said the better and no eye contact!

And perhaps most importantly, one day we will wish we had these tough days back! Until then, Wreck On.

Jody has spent her life around teens, as a teacher and as a parent of three.

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