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Top 10 Reasons Why I Was Admitted To the “Mom of a Teenager” Club

I’ve been admitted into the exclusive “Mom of a Teenager” Club. Below is a list of the top 10 reasons why.

10 Things About Being A (stressed) Mom Of A Teenager

1. Short Order Chef

The number of pizza boxes at the curb on trash pickup day from one night suggests there was a frat party at your residence. In reality, you simply had to provide dinner to four hungry teenagers.

2. Laundress

It is nearly impossible to keep up with everyone else’s laundry and wash anything of your own. In a bind, someone may spot you you wearing your teenage daughter’s Katy Perry concert t-shirt. More than once.

3. Cougar Mom

While out with your 18-year-old son, you notice other women looking at you accusingly (or admiringly in some cases). It isn’t until you see the word cougar on their lips that you realize what they’re thinking.

4. Wild Eyes

You appear to have a hangover on Monday morning. This might indicate that you must have had one wild weekend as a mom. But in fact, you really had was a sleepover at your house for six 13-year-old girls.

5. Fast Food Queen

Eating Pop-Tarts for breakfast during the morning staff meeting does not mean you’re young and don’t care about counting calories. It means you didn’t have time for coffee and the sugar rush will have to do.

6. Technology Hoarder

The fact that you have smartphones, tablets, and laptops does not mean that you are technologically inclined and know how to operate that s#@t. It means your teens, who do know how to operate it like little techno-ninjas, acted up and you took it from them.

7. Homework Aide

Glitter in your hair doesn’t mean you are a mom looking for a good time. It means your 8th grader waited until one hour before bedtime to ask for help with a school project that’s due tomorrow. And you may have panicked a little while getting out the craft supplies.

8. Solo Artist

You do not know all of the words to Rhianna’s latest song because you want to. You know all the words after hearing the song something like 2,483 times. It can’t be stopped.

9. Superhero Nerd

As a mom, my extensive knowledge of all things superhero is not because I’m one of those hot nerdy chicks who get excited every time a new Marvel-based movie hits theaters – but my daughters are.

10. Teen Whisperer

And OMG, it’s, like, not my fault if I say things that, like, make me sound cool. I’m just, like, totally a product of my environment. (It’s really quite unfortunate) I know, right!?

Marisa McCrae is the mother of three girls, two teens and one up and coming. She lives in Georgia and enjoys sharing her life with others through blogging. 

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