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43 Ways to Make Your Teen’s Day

It may seem like parents of teens are incapable of doing anything right. After all, our teens have made it clear that we annoy them  more often than not—even when we’re not trying to. That’s why we loved a recent post on social media where parents shared things they did or said that made their teen’s day.

Not only is it clear that parents of teens are kind and thoughtful and willing to go the extra mile for their teens, but also there are many small gestures parents can make that teenagers truly appreciate. Whether it’s offering words of encouragement or providing a pick-me-up treat, parents have found ways to spark joy from their teens.

43 Ways to Make Your Teen’s Day

  1. Buy her French fries
  2. “That was a really good choice. I’m proud of you.”
  3. “I love you!”
  4. “Your lashes look amazing!”
  5. Fill up their gas tank
  6. Take them to Starbucks
  7. Make their favorite foods
  8. Tidy their room
  9. “Let’s go clothes shopping!”
  10. Bring the dog to pick them up. The dog magically disarms the crankiest of moods and washes away bad days
  11. Bake cake and make lemonade—our favorite foods— together
  12. Buy them anything from Chick-fil-A – works every time
  13. Pizza for dinner
  14. Do their laundry
  15. Hugs
  16. Snuggles at tuck in time
  17. Make her food, even though she’s perfectly capable of doing it when I’m not around
  18. Let them pick dinner
  19. “I caught you doing something GOOD today.”
  20. “I see you working hard to become a mature, responsible young adult.”
  21. “Breakfast is ready! Lunch is ready! Dinner is ready!”
  22. Tell her I’m free whenever she wants to talk
  23. Here’s $20.00. Cash always seems to make them smile, lol
  24. “I’ll make your brother do it.”
  25. When I’m cool with her last-minute plans
  26. When I bring home a large bag of Takis
  27. When I let them listen to whatever they want on the radio
  28. When I send them cute pics of when they were little
  29. When I do something 1:1 with each one
  30. When I stop talking when they ask me to
  31. “You’re the best!”
  32. The sound of Venmo
  33. I text a meme every morning on their way to school
  34. Burgers
  35. Give them a hug and say nothing at all
  36. “You are right.”
  37. When I paint her nails
  38. Make them breakfast and buy snacks
  39. I text “Whataburger”
  40. Make him a PBJ sandwich
  41. Leave an inspirational quote in her lunchbox
  42. “Keep the change.”
  43. “I love you.”

A few takeaways from this amazing list. First, it seems that the way to a teen’s heart is through their stomach. Do not underestimate the power of a well-timed and well-intentioned snack or meal. Second, even though teens spend the better part of their days pushing us parents away as they strive for independence, sometimes it’s nice to have someone take care of you. Finally, it always feels good to be the person who can make a teen smile.

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