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Virtual Family Blog: Who’s Watching Jersery Shore?

Jersey Shore

I watched Jersey Shore the other night. Could you explain the attraction of this show? Please tell me that you are laughing at these people. I am worried that on some level you aspire to be them.

Seriously, I just don’t understand reality TV. Doesn’t everyone notice the camera guy with the bright light who is taping while they flirt and fight at the bars? I think Jersey Shore is degrading and embarrassing to any young adult with an ounce of intelligence.

I am happy to say that I’ve never seen the show. People tell me it’s funny, but I HATE reality TV. First of all, as Mom pointed out, it’s not real. There’s a camera and people watching. What type of person wants to embarrass himself on live TV? Which begs the next question, why do people want to watch?

In my opinion, sporting events are the only reality TV worth watching. I like REAL interaction between individuals as teams and competitors. That is true reality TV, (although as a Cleveland sports fan I’ve learned that the truth does sometimes hurt!)

Ok… I have to admit I have seen Jersey Shore. And, at one point, I made it a habit to watch the first season. GUILTY!!!

But like every other reality TV show I have watched, Jersey Shore fizzled out, and I eventually stopped watching. For me, reality TV shows spark my interest in the beginning, but then slowly, as the seasons start getting repetitive, I move on. I think the appeal is that though these shows are supposed to be capturing “reality,” they are actually showing over-the-top people doing crazy-stupid things. This false reality, for some reason, draws kids our age in. Maybe some people like the humor of it all, or they want to lead a life free of consequences and full of pointless drama.

For me, Jersey Shore has become a weekly annoyance when people ask, “Did you catch the Shore last night?” or shouting, “CAB’S HERE!” on their way to the college house parties. Sadly, I feel it will be a couple years before this trend fades out, but I am crossing my fingers.

Yeah, Jersey Shore has been on the screen at home a couple of times. I tend to just walk past it, but for those few moments I get distracted, I am always in for a hilarious treat! They act like such freaks!

I never really felt compelled to continue watching the series, and it’s not much of a discussion piece with my group of friends. Still, as little as it has to do with my social life, it is a warm reminder that I am not a complete jerk who gets away with doing whatever. I really don’t see the appeal; the people are all so gross. I mean, that’s why everyone watches it, because it’s so ridiculous that they live that way! It in no way inspires me to have that kind of lifestyle, and if anything, it has curbed my desire to go party hopping with all the drinking and stuff. They took that ideal nightlife thing that kids are so obsessed with, and showed how boring and ignorant you have to be to actually live like that.

Plus, why is it called Jersey Shore? I’ve seen them on that show living in Miami Beach!

Don’t get me wrong, I completely agree that Jersey Shore is fake and it is a joke. The characters are ridiculous and the things they do set bad examples. But to me, I watch the show because I can always count on getting a good laugh. Some of the things they do on the show are funny (i.e. prank wars, clogging toilets, sending the other characters to New York without them knowing). And some of the things that the guys say are funny. I can see where you’re coming from as a parent, Mom, but for me, it’s a good laugh.


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Mindy Gallagher is the Social Media Manager for Your Teen Magazine. She is the assistant coach for the girls’ lacrosse team for Solon High School in Ohio.

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