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39 Happy Parenting Stories (in 5 words) for Parents of Teens

We asked parents to write their happy parenting story in five words or less on our Facebook page, and wow, did they deliver. From the daily details to the big picture, the responses did not disappoint. It’s amazing how much five words can capture.

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Happy Parenting Stories 

  1. They turned into great people.
  2. My boys turned out good.
  3. Able to do for themselves.
  4. My daughter’s my friend now.
  5. My boy is very kind.
  6. He is a responsible adult!!
  7. My teens care about others.
  8. He struggled but will graduate.
  9. My son said thank you.
  10. She sewed her brother’s ripped stuffy.
  11. They listened the first time. 🤣
  12. “I finally get it now.”
  13. Some day they’ll move out.
  14. He still held my hand.
  15. They’re all on a sleepover.
  16. Then her teenager hugged her.
  17. The kids are so resilient.
  18. They only rolled eyes once!
  19. My kids make me laugh.
  20. Everybody is getting along today.
  21. He does his own laundry.
  22. They love me in return.
  23. Daughter: “I took your advice.”
  24. She called me “low-key chill.”
  25. He moved out. The end.
  26. My kids like each other.
  27. No fighting my 13-year-old yesterday! 
  28. We love to be together.
  29. She is her own woman.
  30. Be proud of him daily.
  31. My kid hugged me today.
  32. They actually listened to me!
  33. He’s a lot like me.
  34. They asked me personal questions.
  35. We’re the hang out house.
  36. Finding their way, finding mine.
  37. They’ve made my life complete.
  38. They grow up too fast.
  39. They lived happily ever after.

We talk a lot about how teens ride a rollercoaster of emotions. That is so true. But it’s also true that parents of teens feel all the feels. And as you can see by these stories, at the end of the day, we love our teens hard and delight in their happy endings. Here’s hoping for the same for your family, too.

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