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Advice For Grandparents: 3 Ways Grandparents Can Connect With Teens

Jerry Witkovsky used to always ask his grandchildren how school was going. “I’d get the usual “fine” or “crummy” or sometimes even a grunt,” says the Chicago native.

“Then one day, my granddaughter said, ‘Grampa, you know, I am more than just a student.’ I realized, I didn’t really know my grandchild’s world. Her school, her friends, her music.”

So Witkovsky set out to change all that. Not only did he find ways to really connect with his own six grandchildren, he’s helped hundreds of other grandparents do the same through annual workshops at a growing roster of Chicago-area high schools. Witkovsky’s now sharing what he learned in a new book, The Grandest Love: Inspiring the Grandparent-Grandchild Connection.

How to Connect with Your Grandchildren

Your Teen caught up with Witkovsky, who is 86, to find out more about how grandparents can connect with teenage grandchildren.

1. Embrace technology.

Teenagers don’t like to talk on the phone anymore. They text. So, says Witkovsky, go out and buy a smartphone and learn how to use it. Ask your grandchildren to show you how. The goal: “To text your grandchild a short, loving message each day.”

2. Tune in.

Again, technology can really be your friend here, advises Witkovsky. “Check out the website of your grandchild’s school. There you can find information on events and even their classes. Read the things your grandchildren are reading. Ask your son or daughter to send you the activity calendar of your grandchild’s events.” Once you’re in the loop with your grandchild’s world, you’ll see communication become more meaningful and authentic, says Witkovsky.

3. Show up.

Enter your grandchild’s world, whether it’s attending games or other school events or just a regular lunch date. “Have good times together,” says the author. That is the best way to connect with your grandchildren.

Diana Simeon is an editorial consultant for Your Teen.

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