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Get Ready for Spring and Find Out Why Daffodils Are Like Moms

Every Wednesday, my Your Teen colleague Jen Proe and I get together for a virtual coffee on Facebook. This past week Jen and I may have gotten a *teensy* bit overexcited about the appearance of the SUN and A TEMPERATURE OVER 40. Living in Northern Ohio as we do, we know that winter isn’t really over (for good, bye bye, 100%) until sometime in April. But that doesn’t stop us from getting excited about it now—hey, we’re optimists!

As our thick blanket of snow finally begins to melt away, we are throwing open all the blinds and basking our faces in any ray of sunshine we can find. Speaking of which, we just can’t understand why teenagers insist on sitting inside in the dark all day long! As it turns out, we aren’t alone. Our FB crew shared the same frustration in the comments. Many kids are hiding away in their rooms with blackout shades pulled all the way down on perfectly good sunny days. Sigh.

Meanwhile, as we get ready for spring, we’re looking for robins, daffodil shoots (what Jen calls “the mom of flowers” because they are tough, hardy, and they keep on truckin’), forgotten dog poop in the yard (well, we don’t WANT to find that, but maybe we can keep our teens busy picking it up??), and, for one viewer in California, cherry blossoms already. (Jealous!!)

Whatever the signs of spring where we each live, as we get ready for spring, we’re all trying to get outside and find that energy again—and realizing we may have gotten a tiny bit out of shape in our winter hibernation. Oops!

If you missed joining us for live coffee, you can always find our replays on Facebook or YouTube (this week’s is also right here, below). But we hope you’ll take a break from your Wednesdays – Jen and I love the company and we are always up for parenting commiseration or just a good laugh. Join us!

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