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Family TV For Teens and Parents: What’s a Show That You Both Enjoy?

We asked teens for their favorite shows they watch with their parents. Here are their responses.

Shows that Parents and Teenagers Watch Together:

Blue Bloods. We all like the characters, the setting, and some of the values.

—Hope, Cicero, NY

My mom and I watch White Collar, a crime show. We both enjoy the mysteries and characters.

—Sophie, Cicero, NY

Anything on HGTV.

—Grace, Charlottesville, VA

When Calls the Heart. We watch it together in our free time. We both love it because it is heartfelt but also comedic at the same time! Great show to watch with my family.

—Jaseina, Grand Forks, ND

My mother and I both really enjoy watching Shark Tank together. Aside from both being interested in business, we find it really entertaining to see what neat ideas the entrepreneurs bring to the sharks (the investors).

—Liliana, Brooklyn, NY

A show my parents and I love to watch together is Catfish. It is nice ‘brain candy’ and a show we can relax to after a long week of work and school.

—Harry, Framingham, MA

We are both stressed and pretty busy all the time, but when a good Disney movie comes out we watch it together because it’s lighthearted and something we can connect with.

—Olivia, Aurora, IL

The Middle. It’s relatable and funny. We watch it when we are together.

—Lucy, New York, NY

I’ve watched Designated Survivor, The Brave, and Timeless with my mom. We both like character-centric dramas and intensity (even though it has us up until 2:00 a.m. yelling at the TV to stop killing us with suspense).

—Justin, Columbia, SC

My dad and I love to watch The Bachelor and The Bachelorette together. We love laughing at all the crazy drama that goes on between contestants. My mom thinks we’re crazy.

—Cassidy, Irvine, CA

A show that both my parents and I enjoy watching is Black-ish. We do not watch it together, but we sometimes talk about it. I think all of us like it because it is about real life events that a fictional family is going through. The events are relatable and explained in a way that we can all understand.

—Ellie, San Marino, CA

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