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The Color of Rain: Building A New Family Together After Loss

The Color Of Rain

Michael and Gina Spehn have an unusual love story, one born out of tragedy. Gina’s husband and Michael’s wife were childhood friends who, as adults, would occasionally run into each other at church. Michael and Gina knew about each other, but they had never met. Several years ago, Michael and Gina each lost their spouse to cancer.

Several months after their spouses died, Michael and Gina met at church and decided to get their children together. “At the time our five kids were fairly young,. The youngest was four and the oldest was nine,” says Gina. “In the aftermath of losing our spouses we brought our kids together for their sakes so they would see that they aren’t alone and there are other kids going through what they are going through. Kids really want to feel normal.”

As the children forged friendships, Gina and Michael did as well. And, in that fairytale way, the families fell in love. “When it became time to approach the subject of blending our families, we were very deliberate and intentional and let the kids lead the process,” says Michael. By the time Gina and Michael got married, their children were the ones pushing for it. And from the very beginning, they felt like a family.

“We wanted the kids to know that in order to love a new mom or a new dad, you don’t have to take love away from your other parent and give it to your new parent,” says Gina. “Love is not a zero sum game.”

Gina and Michael share values, religion, and a commitment to family that led to a successful blending of two families into one. Because their story seemed to touch and inspire people, Gina and Michael wrote a book, The Color of Rain. The book, a New York Times bestseller, is now a movie of the same name.

“The Color of Rain” premieres on Saturday, May 31st at 9pm ET/PT, 8C on Hallmark Movie Channel. It stars Lacey Chabert (“Party of Five,” “Mean Girls”) and Warren Christie (“Alphas,” “Happy Town”).

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