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A Father’s Lesson: Showing Teens How To Do the Right Thing

It would be nice to walk back to my car after a Cleveland Cavaliers game without being accosted by aggressive requests for spare change.

There are signs that say no panhandling, but the prohibition is not really enforced. I have many thoughts running through my head. I’d love to help but… These intruders say they need help buying food, but part of me wonders whether the money will go towards alcohol. I just wish the police could keep these people away?

Well ok, maybe I’m a sucker.

Giving to the Homeless

Not only do I give several of them a dollar, I actually make sure I have a few singles in my wallet before I leave the game. At this point, I even recognize some of them.

Yes, I often vote Republican. Yes I think taxes are too high. And yes I think the federal entitlement programs are not working. But I also recognize that these are people who are having a tough time.

It doesn’t matter what mistakes they’ve made or how they might take advantage of the system. They need help.

It is not my position to judge. I can only imagine how low someone has to get before they are willing to stand in the street asking strangers for money.

As I leave a game where I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of money on seats, to get into my car with leather upholstery, and return to my suburban home with plenty of room for my entire family, it would be unconscionable for me to ignore them. I’m not naïve. It may very well go towards alcohol. On the other hand, the few dollars mean little to me and might mean a whole lot to someone in need.

But the most important reason for being charitable is to set an example.

My son is watching.

Dr. Dan Borison, a writer and dad of five, is a doctor in his free time.

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