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The Social Media Institute Family Social Standards Agreement



“Usually when you’re ruled, you never agree with all the rules, you just abide by them. But if you have standards and if everyone contributes to the way you’re going to do things, you end up owning how you do things.” –Mike Krzyewski, Duke Men’s Basketball Head Coach 

Work Together As A Team

In our home, we’re a team and every great team has standards.

We create and live up to these standards together, as one team.

We do this because it brings out the best in us and in those we love.

Play By These Standards

 We will discuss this agreement together and fill it out in pen.

We will decide what happens if we don’t live up to these social standards.

We will choose where to hang the signed agreement so that everyone sees it every day.

Win The Game Of Social Media

Social media is the biggest game in the world. And we’re all playing.

In this game, being a good teammate means practicing these standards every single day,

No matter who you are in our family.

Co-created by The Social Institute and the students and parents of Ravenscroft School. | © 2017 The Social Institute | All rights reserved.


  1. We prioritize what’s important.
  • Chores
  • Homework
  • Playing outside for _______ minutes
  • Practicing ________ for ________ minutes
  1. We won’t use technology (texting, using social media, gaming, etc.) during these times:
  • While eating meals together
  • After ______ p.m.
  • When I am driving
  • When in the __________ (room)
  • While __________ (activity)
  • When someone is talking to us
  1. We will accept friend requests from folks who meet certain criteria. Check all that apply:

___ You’ve met them IRL. (pssst: That means in real life)

___ You know them well enough to introduce them to your family or best friend.

___ Your parent(s) has OK’d their friend request.

  1. We will not post embarrassing or inappropriate photos/videos of each other or other people.
  1. We will not share personal information on social media.
  • Geo-location
  • Phone numbers
  • Other: _______________
  • Email addresses
  • Vacation dates or location (instead, we’ll share phones one-on-one with friends only) 
  1. We will review our Social Standards as a team every __________, updating them as needed.


Save the date to update: __________


Parent signature(s)                                                      Child signature(s)




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Laura Tierney is the Founder and CEO of The Social Institute, empowering students and their role models to navigate social media and technology in positive, high character ways. Her team of digital natives bridges the digital divide between students and adults by offering schools a comprehensive, student-led curriculum and presentations.