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Dangerous Driving: Teenagers Confess to Reckless Behavior

We decided to ask 6 teenagers—anonymously—about dangerous driving. What kinds of risks did these teens take behind the wheel? You may want to sit down.

Say It Isn’t So: What Teens Do While Driving

1. Driving drunk

I got really drunk at a party. I’m not proud of it, but it happened. Eventually, a few friends and I wanted to leave the party and go to another friend’s house. None of us were sober. My friend’s house was way on the other side of town, so obviously we had to drive. I don’t know why, but I decided to drive. I don’t remember a lot of it. We got to my friend’s house okay. But it so easily could have gone wrong.The next day, I looked back and regretted everything.

2. Vaping while driving

Last week, exhausted after a busy school day, I asked an acquaintance if he could drive me home. As we exited the school parking lot, he reached up to his sunglasses-case holder and retrieved what looked like a pen. He began puffing on the vaporizer. I wracked my brain for the “right” thing to do, but stayed quiet for the four-minute drive home.

3. Driving while mad

It was the middle of winter, and snow lined the sides of the road. I was angry and upset as I got in my car. Turning my music on loud, I drove with confidence. I had driven this route before. I started to accelerate. It felt good to go fast. I thought to myself: “I’m a good driver, I’m sober, and my seatbelt is on. Nothing can touch me.” Just as those words entered my head, I hit a patch of snow and the car violently skidded to the left.

4. Driving too fast

I had a friend in high school who loved sports cars and driving fast. I had known him my entire life and trusted him. One night we were on the highway and he drove about 115 mph. I know it was stupid, but it was exciting for those few seconds.

5. Making videos while driving

My friend and I thought it was funny when we made short videos while driving in the car. We would dress in funny costumes and sing songs that we made up. We knew that it wasn’t very safe—and we soon stopped doing it. Our videos were pretty popular though.

6. Checking phone while driving

I check my phone while driving. Every time I do it, I get mad at myself. To avoid it, I turn up the volume on my phone while I drive. That way, I can hear if I get a phone call—and know if someone is trying to reach me—rather than keep checking the phone to see if I have messages.

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