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Back To School Driving Tips: Be Careful this Back to School Season

For those teens driving to school, it’s probably worth reminding them about the rules of the road when it comes to school zones and school buses. According to the National Highway Safety, over the past decade, more than 30 children have been killed by reckless drivers in school zones.

Especially if you live in a neighborhood where children routinely walk to school, take a moment to speak with your teenager about back to school driving tips before the first day of school.

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Reminders about Driving on School Days:

1. Be cautious.

Young children aren’t the best judge of when it’s safe to cross the street. In neighborhoods with bus stops, schools, and school zones, watch for children walking or bicycling to school. If your neighborhood has no sidewalks, anticipate children may be walking in the road.

2. Stop for the bus.

The yellow flashing lights on a school bus mean the bus is slowing down and preparing to stop. You must also slow down and prepare to stop. Red flashing lights and extended stop arms mean that children are getting on and off the bus. You must stop your car and wait until the red lights stop flashing, and the extended stop sign is withdrawn. The bus must begin moving again before you can start driving again. Also, be extra alert, recommends NHTSA Deputy Administrator, David Friedman, as “children arriving late for the school bus may dart into the street without looking for traffic.”

3. Watch for school zones.

School zone safety is important for new drivers. If you’re late for school or otherwise distracted, you may not notice when you’re entering a school zone. In a marked school zone, you are required to drive a maximum of 20 miles per hour. Not only could you get a steep ticket if a police officer happens to catch you, this is a zone where dozens many children will be present.

Hey Teen Drivers, Be Careful this Back to School.

Diana Simeon is an editorial consultant for Your Teen.

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