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Podcast: How Parents Can Help Teens Learn To Drive

Do you want your teen to be a great driver? Of course you do because your teenager will be driving a machine that can ruin lives in a split second. As teenagers learns to drive, parents can provide guidance that will launch a safer driver. Learn from the experts. Terry Moir, Program Director at WKYC leads a discussion with Scott Robertson, Teen Instructor at Drive Team and Anne Marie Hayes author of 3 Keys to Keeping Your Teen Alive. To download the podcast, click here. (To watch the 1 hr. video, click here.)


Susan Borison: Welcome to the Your Teen Podcast. I’m your host, Susan Borison. On this episode, Terry Moir, Program Director from WKYC leads a discussion with Scott Robertson, Teen Instructor at Drive Team, and Anne Marie Hayes author of 3 Keys to Keeping Your Teen Alive.

Terry Moir: My name is Terry Moir, and I am the Program Director at Channel 3. Before we get started, let me introduce our two panelists tonight. This is in fact Scott Robertson. He is the HR Director and the teen instructor at Drive Team. And this is Anne Marie Hayes. Anne Marie is the president of Teens Learn To Drive Foundation, and a board member on the National Organizations for Youth Safety. Okay, we have some questions. The first one is: What should I do for the first time I take my child to a parking lot to drive?

Anne Marie Hayes: I think before you even get in the car, you need to be talking about the parts of the car. You need to circle-check the car, which you’re looking for to make sure everything is working, and as you mentioned earlier, that the lights are working, that the signals are working, that they know where everything is on the car.

Then when you get into the vehicle, you want to make sure they’re in the right position. So they want to set their seat properly, they want to be ten to twelve inches back from the steering wheel, they need to adjust their mirrors, the outside mirrors. There are different ways of doing that, but for a novice driver, typically the should adjust the mirrors on both sides so they have half sky half ground, and they see just a sliver of the side of the vehicle.

(For the rest of this presentation, please listen to our podcast)

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