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Parenting Through Middle School: Top 4 Picks for Raising Tweens

Is this your first foray into parenting middle schoolers? Not sure what to expect? Your Teen has picked its top four middle school articles for parenting those tween years.

Getting Organized

Middle school can be a struggle for many kids. Sometimes it’s social, or the work changes are too hard. But sometimes, it’s a student’s organizational skills that really fall apart. Suddenly, the kid who was doing so well in elementary school stops handing in assignments, or can’t find their textbook. Just from this, grades can suffer. Where did this come from? Why does this happen? How can we fix it? And what is Executive Function? We discuss all of this and more.

Knowing What to Expect

Middle school is a scary step–for parents that is. With no idea what’s coming just down the road, how are parents supposed to prepare for their child’s first days of middle school? How can parents know what to expect when they’re expecting tweens? Well, psychologist Dr. Lisa Damour has seen it all before, and she shares with us ten things we can expect in middle school. Maybe middle school is new, and scary, but we don’t need to go in blind.

Understanding Privacy

When this reader’s daughter turned thirteen, suddenly she needed her door closed at all times. Now she wants her parents to knock. With such new behavior, how should a parent respond? How much privacy is too much for a new teenager? Should they worry about this change, or is this perfectly normal? Our expert has the answers.

Navigating Friendships

Middle school is a turbulent time for teens for all sorts of reasons. But most notably, middle school is a time for children to start making new friends. Middle schoolers will change friends often as they try to figure out their own interests. So how do you navigate this new and ever-changing world of middle school friendships?

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