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Teens And Youtube: Your Teenager Loves Vlogs. Wait, What’s a Vlog?

What Is A Vlog? Teen Vlogs And More

Have you noticed your teenager spending a lot of time on YouTube? There’s a good chance he or she could be watching a favorite vlog.

Vlogs—video blogs—are very popular with teenagers these days. Take Bethany Mota ( Her vlog has almost 10 million followers, many of whom tune in regularly to watch the California teenager’s advice on everything from quick-and-easy hairstyles to what to pack for lunch. Then there’s PewDiePie with more than 30 million subscribers, making it the most followed YouTube vlog.

Your own teenager may have a vlog. Many teenagers like to video themselves singing or pursuing other activities and post them on YouTube. In fact, that’s how most “famous” vloggers got started, not to mention celebrities like Justin Bieber.

Want to see what it’s all about? We watched a lot of vlogs (A. Lot. Of. Vlogs.) and picked three top YouTubers to get you started.


Parents, prepare to be perplexed by why anyone would watch PewDiePie. But for some reason, this 25-year-old from Sweden regularly gets millions of fans to watch him do relatively mundane things like play video games. We watched a bunch of PewDiePie’s videos and we don’t quite get it, but your teenagers love him, so try it for yourself.

Natalie Tran

This Australian vlogger boasts almost two million followers, who tune in to watch her hilarious takes on everyday life, like her musings on bad hair days or serving sizes and other goofy skits with her friends.

Ryan Higa

This charming 25-year-old Hawaiian started vlogging while in high school. Let’s just say his vlogs feature lots of teenage boy-type goofiness.

Warning: Some vlogs are edgy — and can include material teenagers are dealing with that we parents don’t always like to think about, like, say, sex. Forewarned is forearmed, right?

Diana Simeon is an editorial consultant for Your Teen.

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