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Webinar Series: Digital-Savvy Parenting For The Digital Age

If you missed any of our Digital-Savvy Parenting webinar series, you can watch a replay below. Enjoy!

Understanding Technology For Teenagers

Webinar #1—How to Be a Digital-Savvy Parent

Strategies for keeping technology a positive for your adolescent.

Featuring: Psychologist Dr. Lisa Damour and social media expert Jennifer Posner Lehner. Moderator Eva Basillion.


Hi, and welcome to Digital-Savvy Parenting: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly. Today ‘s webinar is the first of a four-part series on teenagers and technology, sponsored by Your Teen Magazine. I’m Eva Basillion, and I will be moderating today’s discussion. Welcome, thank you all for joining us today.


Webinar #2—Should You Monitor?

Many parents grapple with the question of how—and how much—to monitor.

Featuring: Hemanshu (Hemu) Nigam, online safety, security, and privacy expert and CEO of SSP Blue, an online security consultancy and Amy Speidel, a certified parenting coach through Co-Active Coaches Training Institute and a certified Conscious Discipline instructor. Moderator Jennifer Cohen.


Jennifer Cohen: Hi, and welcome to Digital-Savvy Parenting: Should You Monitor, presented by Your Teen Media and Verizon. Today is the second of a four-part webinar series on technology and teenagers. I’m Jennifer Cohen and I’ll be moderating today’s discussion. Thank you all for joining us tonight.


Webinar #3—What Should You Really Worry About?

Gaming. Pornography. Bullying. Some online activities are worth worrying about.

Featuring: William E. O’Neil, Assistant Headmaster and Academic Dean at University School in Cleveland, Ohio; Michael Rich, MD, MPH, of Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital, director and founder of Center on Media and Child Health and founder of; and Deborah Paris, LISW, Pediatric Therapist, Cleveland, Ohio. Moderator Jennifer Cohen.


Jennifer Cohen: So all three of our panelists have incredible expertise with teenagers and the role parents need to play in helping teenagers develop and make good decisions about their behaviors. I know I speak for many parents that the rapid advances in technology have created many parenting moments that are beyond what we experienced when we were teenagers, and often times I don’t think we’re really prepared to deal with some of the things that go on now.

There are three main topics that we want to talk about tonight: gaming, cyber bullying, and pornography.

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