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Facebook Pet Peeves: Annoying Posts That Cross The Line

Annoying Facebook Statuses We Love To Hate


From your last responses (Parents reading their teens’ Facebook posts and phone texts), it seems like trust and privacy are very important to all of you. I can respect that. As Dad said, until you give us reason to fear for your safety, we will continue to respect your wishes.

It seems, however, that privacy is not quite so important to many people. I, personally, hate to see adults who post their own ridiculous pictures of behaving poorly at parties. I hate to see parents act like teenagers. That is my Facebook pet peeve. I know all of you (well, except Dad) have seen more posts than I have, so can you describe the one you liked the least?


Well I would have to say my facebook pet peeve is the overly cute couple. I think it is great to have cute pics of you and your boyfriend on facebook and even pick one to be your profile pic (as I have right now) but when you have a whole album devoted to the two of you kissing thats just a little too far. Or even worse then that (since I would have to go facebook creeping on your page to see those pics) is the mushy comments on walls. It makes me shiver when I see those annoying facebook posts like “You are the best bf in the world! I love you sooooo much baby! You make me so happy! Can’t wait to see you later” *cue me barfing all over my computer screen* I am happy that the couple is happy but I don’t want to see the love letters written all across my facebook everytime I log on. It’s just so cute that it turns my stomach. Those types of messages should be private and not out for the whole world to look at. It actually makes me wonder if the couple is truly happy or if they are just trying to come off to everyone that they are…

I hope my brothers have enough common sense to keep their private lives reasonably separate from their facebook lives…


Oh yeah, I’m right there with Devan. I don’t even think it’s cute. Those couples don’t realize that it’s a violation of their own privacy, and just awkward for the people seeing their profile pictures. A kiss on the cheek is fine, but the real intimate stuff should be left off of my mini-feed. The lovey-dovey comments are also unnecessary. In a world where you have the privacy of texting, iming, and e-mailing, the online PDAs are really overdoing it.

Also, when people post statuses with emotional lyrics and poetry-or long messages to anonymous people who broke their hearts-it’s very uncomfortable to read them. Before Facebook, some things were just naturally private, such as relationships and serious sentiments. But with Facebook that barrier has been broken, and it’s very easy to cross the line.


I just hate the stupidly, inane, day to day things that people seem to think others are interested in. I’m not particularly excited if you washed your hair today…even if you found some new designer shampoo. I also don’t care what you think of your boss, what the weather is like, or the new shoes that you bought. I especially hate reading about what new wonderful thing your kid did or said! I’ve got my own kids, they all do cute things, and yours aren’t so special!


The thing I can’t stand is when girls sit at their computers with their friends taking nearly identical web cam pictures for hours. No one wants to see 200 pictures of the different faces you can make. This is why I hardly ever go on Facebook anyway.

Mindy Gallagher is the Social Media Manager for Your Teen Magazine. She is the assistant coach for the girls’ lacrosse team for Solon High School in Ohio.

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