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So Where’s My Car? College Kids Are Home for the Summer

Well, everything is now a mess with our college kids home for the summer.

I understand. They have spent the rest of the year on their own, making their own decisions without having to answer to anyone else. I was like that too. It’s just that things are a little challenging when everyone’s back under one roof.

With College Kids Home for the Summer . . . 

Bedrooms are a problem.

After having singles at college, no one wants to share a room, so my 12-year-old has been kicked out of his room and has to sleep in the guest room.

Cars are a problem.

What with jobs, school, yoga, shopping, friends, etc. my wife and I will probably just have to use bicycles. (Thank goodness it’s summer!)

Dinner is a problem.

Assuming there is the remote possibility of all seven of us being around at the same time, we will need to open a full service restaurant. After the robust choices of a college cafeteria, our college kids think that there is no reason for everyone to eat the same meal. One option seems completely absurd.

Questions are a problem.

They seem to have forgotten, while being so independent at school, that we are still entitled to ask questions about their lives. And, god forbid, we might even have opinions.

Intelligence is a problem.

We seem to have become stupider, and are the butt of many jokes and much teasing. Luckily, we know how to tease right back. Besides, we just have to hang on. Rumor has it that we will regain some of our wisdom as they get older. TVs are a problem. It’s much harder to find a TV that’s open and available to me!

Dishes are a problem.

There are an inordinate amount of dishes and glasses piling up in the kitchen, which no one seems to be able to clean up. (OK, that one doesn’t really affect me that much – I’m kind of a contributor).

But…. at night, when we go to bed, and ALL of my kids are here for the summer, it’s beyond great!!

A full house—NOT a problem.

Dr. Dan Borison, a writer and dad of five, is a doctor in his free time.

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