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It’s Summertime: Five Ways for Teens to Maximize Summer Vacation

So, what are you doing this summer? Sure, spring has just started for most of us. But it’s never too early to start preparing for summer, if you want your teenager to have something to do.

5 Options for Summer

Here are five ideas for how your teenager can spend their summer and maximize the time off.


Working during the summer is a great opportunity to make money and learn independence. Have your teen do some research: look for job fairs in your community, talk to the guidance counselor about opportunities, or just pick up the phone and call around to see if someone is hiring. (Having your teen make the call is ever better.) Working as a counselor or a lifeguard at a local camp is also a good option.


Volunteering can provide two benefits: 1) exploring a potential career; and 2) giving back in a meaningful way. Encourage your teen to start with his or her interests and then look for not-for-profits in that particular area.

Work toward a personal goal

Perhaps your teenager wants to run a 10K, learn CPR, or develop his passion for photography. Pursuing a personal goal can be a terrific way for a teenager to structure some of his or her time and achieve something along the way.

Take a Class

Your teenager can get a couple of extra credits under his or her belt during the summer. Many high schools will allow students to take art, health and even gym classes off-campus or online. They’ll appreciate having a lighter class schedule come fall.

Leave Home

Being away from home can be a tremendous growth opportunity for teenagers. And there are ways to do it that don’t have to break the bank. Is there a relative who will take your teenager for the summer? Many sleep-away camps will offer a discount for teenagers who are willing to work as junior counselors, wait tables, or otherwise help out. And many academic and recreational summer programs offer scholarships for qualified applicants.

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