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Your Teen’s Summer Survival Guide, For All Your Summer Needs

Are You Really Ready For Summer?

Are you prepared for summer vacation? Are you looking for ways to improve your teenager’s summer experience?

We’ve got articles on what to expect when it comes to risky summer behaviors—many teenagers will try drugs and alcohol for the first time during the next three months of summer—to helping your teenager land that first summer job.

We’ve got plenty of fun stuff too, like tips and tricks to make your summer vacation memorable (in a good way) and ideas for how teenagers can have the adventure of a lifetime (think: wilderness experience).

Come get all of this perfect summer advice and more in our exclusive Summer Survival Guide.

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School’s out for summer, and your teen heads straight for the TV, where she seems intent to stay for the next few months. Should you rush to intercept? Stash the TV in a closet? Throw your teenager some ultimatums?

None of the above. Instead, use these guidelines to help your teenager transition from school to (a productive) summer, courtesy of parenting expert, Jennifer Chung.

Week 1 – Relax (mostly). “A week is the perfect amount of time for summer decompression,” Chung says. “Have a discussion with your teen and agree to certain terms to make sure that he isn’t doing literally nothing for the whole week.” Enlist his help with chores and other tasks, but allow for plenty of free time, too.

Week 2 and Beyond – Get off the couch. After your teenager’s week of not doing much is up, help him find some meaningful way to spend the summer. Try some of Chung’s ideas…

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