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Taming Technology: 5 Ways to Have an (Almost) Tech-Free Vacation

Technology on vacation. It has its ups … and its downs. Sure, it keeps you connected—and can even enhance your trip by helping you find things to do and see. But it can also make it difficult to get away from it all.

So, we crowd-sourced some tips for family trips and how to create a tech-free vacation. Call it taming technology while traveling.

Here’s the big question: Is it reasonable to expect a tech-free vacation? Well, perhaps— especially if you vacation somewhere that aids you in that goal. But if you have older teenagers, you may be better off trying to limit technology in a way that everyone can live with.

5 Suggestions for Reducing Technology During Vacation:

1. Set technology rules together.

Whatever you decide, you’ll have a better shot at making it happen if you (a) decide technology rules together, and (b) make those rules apply to everyone. Make it fun by playing a game where everyone gets to call out rule-breakers, even when it’s the parents.

2. Pick specific times when technology is allowed.

This strategy seems to work well when families agree to it in advance. Consider a session in the morning and a session during the late afternoon, when everyone needs a break anyhow. Similarly, you can set times for no technology, like during meals.

3. Keep busy.

Active vacations are not only fun and healthy, but also they help limit technology. It’s tough to text while windsurfing, right? Some ideas: hiking, biking, water sports.

4. Vacation where you can’t connect.

It may be hard to believe that there are still places where you can’t connect, but it’s true. Many national parks and other natural areas get limited or no cell service, and some resorts will take your technology off your hands when you check in.

5. Model it.

If parents moderate their own use of technology on vacation, chances are teenagers will follow along.

Diana Simeon is an editorial consultant for Your Teen.

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