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ThankList: The Your Teen Staff’s Favorite Products

Helping Teens Show Their Thanks, One Post At A Time

Did you know that gratitude is good for your teenager?

It’s true. Studies show that grateful teenagers are more likely than ungrateful ones to be happy, have more friends, and get better grades. But how does a parent cultivate more gratitude? As most parents know, simply telling teenagers to “Be grateful!” doesn’t always work so well (cue the eye roll here).

Instead, experts recommend parents encourage teenagers to express their gratitude in ways that they’re more comfortable with.

That’s why we love ThankList by American Greetings.

This American Greetins eCard gives teenagers—and the rest of us—a personalized, online way to say thank you, to teachers, to friends, to family, or to whomever we’re feeling grateful for. Simply go onto their website and click to create a thank you message to the person you are grateful for.

And it sends that message using the medium that teenagers love most … social media. Just sign in with Facebook, Twitter, or Google to create a post or a video.

Testing Out ThankList

So we wondered: it seems simple enough, but would teenagers actually enjoy using ThankList? We decided to ask a few:

“It’s so simple to use,” says Katie Coyle, who will be a senior in high school this year. “There are three easy steps: write a message, upload an optional photo, and publish! Anyone can do it and the reward is huge. My friend, Jenny, won’t stop talking about the one I sent her.”

“I really like that I can use ThankList on my phone,” adds newly-minted high school graduate Zach Silverman. “I sent one to my mom and I could just tell it made her day.”

Do you want to make your own ThankList message? Check it out at Because gratitude is contagious.

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