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In Case of Emergency Break Glass – DIY Graduation Gift

Graduation season is always full of joy and creativity as families celebrate their teens heading off to college. This year, a new and exciting trend has emerged: the “In Case of Emergency, Break Glass” gift card frame. This clever and thoughtful gift is capturing the hearts of parents and students alike.

Why Parents and Students Love this Gift

The idea behind this trend is simple yet brilliant. Parents put together a frame that holds various gift cards to different places, such as restaurants, coffee shops, and stores. The frame is labeled with the playful message, “In Case of Emergency, Break Glass.” It’s designed to be hung up in the student’s dorm room, ready to offer support when they need a little extra help or a special treat.

Gift cards are always useful, especially for college students who might need a quick meal, school supplies, or a caffeine boost during late-night study sessions. Instead of just handing over cash, which can feel impersonal, parents are creating a memorable and meaningful gift that the student can enjoy throughout their first year. Whether it’s a card to their favorite pizza place, a local bookstore, or a popular coffee shop, each selection is made with care.

DIY Examples

Parents are also enjoying the creative process of putting these frames together. It’s a DIY project that allows them to express their love and support in a unique way. Crafting the frame, choosing the gift cards, and adding personal touches can be a fun and fulfilling activity. Here are some examples from parents:

Fast Food Gift Cards Dorm Gift

Concerned about your needing extra meals in college? Give them some gift cards to their favorite spots!

Cash Stash

Cash is kind, and no college student will ever reject it! This is a fun way to give them cash that is more creative than handing them a couple dollars.

Make sure to include some motivational messages as well!

Medication for When Sick

Getting sick in college is inevitable. Everyone will get a cold or fever at one point or another. This emergency kit will help a quick recovery.


As graduation party season continues, the emergency gift card frame trend is likely to grow. It’s a perfect blend of practicality, personalization, and creativity. For parents looking to give their graduates something more than just money, this trend offers a heartfelt and useful alternative. So, if you see these clever frames popping up at graduation parties, you’ll know it’s a sign of thoughtful, loving support for students embarking on their college journey.