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You Deserve a Break from the News: 5 Feel Good Websites to Click on Now

There’s a lot of depressing and anxiety-producing things going on in our world right now. Even if you manage not to think about them for an hour or two, you have only to turn on the TV or open your computer, and you’re reminded all over again.

If you need a little good news or a laugh, or something inspirational in all this, we get it. We’ve gathered a few news sources dedicated to promoting positive stories that will inspire you, make you smile, and even laugh at some of the amazing, silly, and even delightful things the internet has to offer. Remember, it’s still okay to be happy.

5 Websites That Make You Feel Good

The Good News Network

For over 20 years, the Good News Network has been a trusted source for good news as “an antidote to the barrage of negativity” that we may feel from the mainstream media. With an archive of 21,000 positive news stories from around the globe, millions of people rely on GNN which is #1 on Google for good news. Available in an app for iOS and Android, a podcast, and a daily newsletter.

Some Good News

“The Office” alum John Krasinski has launched a homemade show “Some Good News” on YouTube covering only good news for an “incredibly trying time.” Krasinski has created the show to highlight how the “human spirit broke through” during the coronavirus pandemic and to lift spirits with inspiring news stories that have been overlooked. In previous episodes he orchestrated a mini “Office” reunion with Steve Carell, surprised a 9-year-old fan with the cast of “Hamilton,” and hosted a virtual YouTube prom for high school seniors. In his most recent episode, Krasinski gathered celebrity chefs Guy Fieri, Martha Stewart and David Chang to host a $3-million “potluck” feast in honor of the food industry and restaurant workers helping to keep their neighbors fed in the wake of the shutdown crisis. Actor Stanley Tucci dropped by to demonstrate how to mix a quarantini. “Some Good News” is a show your entire family can enjoy.

Positive News

One of the most prominent good news websites is UK-based Positive News. Founded in 1993, the organization aims to produce “constructive journalism” which doesn’t focus on negative or conflict-ridden headlines. The website states that “[w]hen much of the media is full of doom and gloom, instead Positive News is the first media organization in the world that is dedicated to quality, independent reporting about what’s going right.” With sections on society, lifestyle, environment, science, and opinion, there’s plenty to read that is positive and uplifting.

Happy News

“Real news, compelling stories, always positive” is this website’s motto. Every day you’ll find international and national news on topics ranging from business, health, science, sports, and entertainment. There’s an entire category called Heroes about everyday people doing good deeds and accomplishing amazing things. Do a virtual tour of the fall foliage in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Learn about a recently discovered Leonardo da Vinci painting. Read about a teenager who saved drowning newlyweds. Happy News also has a roundup of videos and products chosen to make you feel good, too. Also available as a magazine and newsletter.

Sunny Skyz

This site aggregates “good news stories” from around the world. Read stories submitted by readers every day about inspiring things that happened in their lives, such as a man handing out $10,000 to people waiting in an unemployment line or a dog who stayed by a missing 4-year-old for 2 days until she was found. Sunny Skyz has light, fun videos, jokes, photos and other feel-good things you need—like photos of a dolphin’s reaction to seeing a sloth for the first time, or dogs “helping” to work from home? Sunny Skyz knows what makes you smile.

Jane Parent, former editor at Your Teen, is the parent of three.

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