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Dad Removes Son’s Bedroom Door When His Girlfriend Home for the First Time

A TikTok video showing a dad removing his teenage son’s bedroom door has gone viral, racking up millions of views and lots of laughs. The dad plays it off as if the door is broken, and he just happens to start fixing it as his son’s girlfriend comes over for the first time. He comes equipped with a hammer and a screwdriver and is quickly able to remove the door from the frame


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Audience Response

Most viewers found the video hilarious, but it also started a big conversation about parenting and privacy. While some applauded the dad for his lighthearted approach to keeping things transparent, others criticized it for invading privacy and potentially hurting trust between the dad and his son.

Overall, the dad got a lot of praise for his sense of humor and comedic timing. Many commenters on TikTok also noted that the little sister was in the room to make sure nothing happened between the boy and his girlfriend.

If you wish to see more of this creator and his family, check out @beardedinsuranceguru on TikTok!