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Book Review: Where Futures End by Parker Peevyhouse

Where Futures End tackles some pretty big issues facing us today. In today’s world, do our modern-day advances really set us apart? We frequently debate the long-term consequences of our global actions on society. Whether it’s environmental pollution causing extreme weather patterns, social media and its effects on our personal interactions, the epidemic of drug addiction, or our handling of border issues and immigration, we have some rather important societal issues to face.

Where Futures End

Parker Peevyhouse’s science fiction novel Where Futures End addresses these issues and many, many more. In a series of vignettes, Peevyhouse introduces us to five different teenagers living in five different futures, ranging anywhere from one year to more than 100 years from now. The universe they live in coexists with a parallel universe where these issues do not exist, and few can travel between the two worlds.

In the first story, we meet Dylan, who is struggling with memories of a different place and time. Ten years into the future, we meet Brixney, who is trying desperately to stay out of a debtors’ colony. Even further into the future, we get a peek into the life of a girl named Epony, and how she is attempting to survive in a world with with social media at the core of everyone’s very existence. And Reef takes us to a time where real life and virtual reality are completely blurred.

Finally, more than 100 years into the future, we meet Quinn. Quinn puts the pieces together and discovers the secrets of the parallel world.

Although at times it was difficult to suspend my sense of reality, Where Futures End certainly kept me wondering. Are we as a species doomed to destroy ourselves or is there hope for us yet? Read it for yourself and see what you think.

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Ilene Neides is a frequent contributor to Your Teen.

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