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What is a Beige Flag?

Beige flags are quirks and characteristics of romantic partners that aren’t necessarily positive or negative. They are those traits that stand out as odd, but are not deal breakers in a relationship. Beige flags can also refer to unoriginal content that appears on dating profiles.

Beige Flags vs. Red Flags vs. Green Flags

Red Flags are considered to be traits that are seen as a warning sign in a relationship. If someone has a lot of red flags, it means that they have a lot of things about them that are symbolic of bigger underlying problems

Green Flags are the opposite of red flags. Green flags are indicators that dating someone would be a good idea.

Beige Flags are those traits that are neither red or green flags. While beige flags are neither positive or negative, they do make you stop and think for a minute to determine whether it is a red or green flag.

Beige Flag on TikTok

The term “beige flag” originated as a tiktok trend through the hashtag #beigeflag. People on tiktok used this hashtag to humorously share their partner’s neutral quirks. The hashtag became a medium where people could freely talk about weird things their partners do, and others could chime in on the comments. In the comments some might laugh, while others would assess whether the beige flag should actually be considered red or green.

Cumulatively, tiktoks using the #beigeflag hashtag have gained over 1.4 billion views. These videos are usually taken in selfie mode with a large block of text over it as opposed to spoken words.

Beige Flag Examples:

Since #beigeflag is a tiktok trend, we’ll show you some examples straight from tiktok!

“My boyfriend’s beige flag is that he sets timers instead of alarms. It’s midnight and he needs to wake up at 6? He’ll set a six hour timer”

@cat.elizabeth #boyfriend #beigeflag ♬ Summer Background Jazz – Jazz Background Vibes

“My husband’s beige flag is that he measures things with his feet”

@the_other_ali The way his brain works is a beige flag. ##beigeflag##husbandandwife##couplestiktok ♬ original sound – The Other Ali

“My cat’s beige flag is that she only stays calm in the car if I meow the national anthem to her”

@dumplingkingdom #CapCut #foryoupage #foryou #fyp #beigeflag #catsoftiktok #tuxedocat ♬ original sound – the moon

Tiktok Slang

As the largest shortform video platform, tiktok is often the origin of new slang terms among teenagers. It is incredibly fast-paced and it can be difficult to keep up with all of the new lingo. As always, it is best to use context clues to get an idea of what a new word means on tiktok. If it is still unclear with context, you can always look it up and find a definition.