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Why Is Popularity Important To Teens? Talking Teens And Popularity

Your Teen presented a free panel discussion for parents, “Popularity: Why does it matter so much?” on Wednesday, October 26, 2011. Teens and professionals answered questions from parents on teen popularity.

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Popularity And Teens: Why Does It Matter So Much?


On behalf of my business partner Susan Borison, and the Your Teen Staff, welcome to our fall panel discussion. We’re thrilled to see all of you, and glad that you didn’t feel too cool to come.

I’d like to thank our lead sponsor, Bellfaire JCB and the state program. They’ve been a great partner to Your Teen since our inception, as well as been a tremendous resource. We’d also like to thank our school sponsors, Orange High School PTO, the Ratner School, Shaker Heights PTO, and Solon Schools. We’re grateful for your participation.

Just a quick overview of the evening: After I introduce Judy Stenta, the program director for SAY we’ll turn the program over to Amy Seidel, who will engage us in an exercise you will not soon forget. Next, Todd Meany, Fox 8 News Reporter whom you might recognize from the morning show, will introduce our panel, and handily lead us in our panel discussion.

So here’s how we’re starting tonight. Soon but not yet you’re going to get a card. Your card will look like this. And when you get your card, instead of looking at it to see what it is, you’re just going to lift it right up to your forehead, without knowing what it is. That is very important. Everybody got that part? Then, once you get your card, you’re going to stand up, not knowing what it is, and your job is to hook with another person who has a very high card. You want to get hooked with the very highest possible card. Aces are high, twos are low, so it means that you’re going to walk around, and try to find the highest card that’s willing to have you as a partner.

(For the rest of this presentation, please listen to our podcast)

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