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Parenting Workshops

Need extra help with a common teenager problem? Worried about your teenager’s health? Want to hear firsthand what experts have to say on a variety of parenting topics? Check out our parenting skills workshops! Watch our experts discuss parenting how-to’s, what to look for, and how you can help.

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Your Teen Magazine’s Parenting Skills Workshops

Teen Sleep Secrets: How Parents Can Help Teens Sleep

In our sleep workshop, parents of teens can learn:

  • Secret #1: Learn what the recommended sleep cycle is for teens
  • Secret #2: How To Help Your Teen Establish Better Sleeping Habits
  • Secret #3: Find out the symptoms of what might be a sleep disorder

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The Truth About Teens And Vaping

In our vaping dangers workshop, parents of teens can learn:

  • Secret #1: Discover the statistics for Vaping
  • Secret #2: Parent & Teen Insights about Vaping
  • Secret #3: Parenting Strategies for Dealing With Vaping

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Teens, Screens and the Whole Tech Scene

In our teen tech workshop, parents of teens can learn:

  • Secret #1: How to help your teen build safer screen time habits.
  • Secret #2: Discover the technology tools and more to help keep our kids safe.
  • Secret #3: Find out what subject matter experts in the industry regarding what you need to know about “Generation Screen”

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Teens and Gaming: Workshop & Bonus Video

In our teen gaming workshop, parents of teens can learn:

  • Secret #1: What experts have to say on teen gaming
  • Secret #2: What parents of gamers should worry about, and what they shouldn’t worry about
  • Secret #3: Find out how to combat some common gaming problems your teens might experience

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The Disorganized Teen: How to Help Your Teen So You Don’t Lose Your Mind

This workshop is for you if you:

  • Have felt like you needed to micromanage your kids into academic success
  • Have a kid who is constantly forgetting academic obligations
  • Have a teen who forgets to brush their teeth on the way to brush their teeth
  • Have a teen who has trouble studying or focusing on long-term projects
  • Have a teen with an ADHD diagnosis

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Raising A Safe Teen Driver For Life

Not everyone drives well — but most teenagers think they do. As new drivers, teens face more risk. This workshop will teach you how to reduce that risk.

  • Learn how to help your teen make better driving choices.
  • Empower your teen to drive to avoid precarious situations and help lower risks behind the wheel.
  • Discover common risks that are often overlooked when our teens are behind the wheel.
  • Hear experts share their updates on how to keep our teens safe.

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Help! My Daughter is in Middle School

Middle School is a tough time for any teen, and any parent. We bring in expert Lisa Damour to talk about middle school. This hour-long workshop is for you if…

  • you want your daughter to see more of your calm and confident side because you’re using proven strategies that work
  • you ache to see more of your smart, thoughtful, compassionate, and fun daughter and learn the best way to connect with her on her level (without getting pushed away!)
  • you want to feel empowered by knowing the next steps to help your daughter move through her challenges with grace and resilience
  • you want to start enjoying parenting again and stop wasting time trying to keep the peace
  • you want that heavy feeling on your chest to lift because of newfound tools and improved confidence

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