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Dealing with the Loss of a Mom: A Teenage Son’s Experience

My Mom Passed Away

Many teens report that their mother is the most significant influence in their lives. My case is not that different. My mother greatly influenced my life through the way she lived, but even more so through the way my mom died.

Even while dying, my mother lived. In her deepest pain, she experienced joy in being with my father, my two sisters, and me. Her desire to be a mother every day, first and foremost, was a living, breathing lesson of love and parenting. Our last Christmas together gave me a picture of her strength that is forever ingrained in my mind. Even though her body was weak and her pain was visible, she smiled and celebrated. In her death, she brought my family together. We grew closer because of our shared loss of a mom and learned to lean on one another when times were tough.

Dealing with Loss of a Mom

My mother taught me that family comes first and matters most. Material possessions can be replaced, but loved ones are irreplaceable. For nearly four years, my mother battled with brain cancer. She endured multiple surgeries and painful treatments. Willing to do whatever it took to fight her cancer, she traveled long distances to receive treatment. My mother did all of this with a smile on her face, hiding the pain from her loved ones. When doctors told her she would never walk again after surgery, she proved them wrong, taking her first steps within two weeks. Her drive and determination compels me never to give up and always to try my hardest.

My mother’s memory lives in me today. I am frequently reminded of her perseverance when I am exhausted and want to stop studying for an exam or stop running in a soccer game. When I want to give up, I envision my mom’s grace and stoicism during her painful battle, and I am filled with strength and determination to finish what I started.

My mother’s illness and death has had a lasting impact on my family and me. We have grown much closer as a family and have found closure through each other. As an individual, I have grown into a mature young man. The trials I have lived through have tested my strength and resiliency. If my mother were still alive today, my goal would be to make her proud of me. But somehow, I know in my heart, she already is.

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