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This Teen is Happy in His Own Skin: Boy Body Image And Self Esteem

How Boy Body Image Matters

Despite any denial, body image is something that is important to everyone. People want to look good so that others don’t judge them and say, “Wow, you’re really ugly,” or “Hey man, you should hit the gym and try to shed a few pounds.” Everyone has some body image issues, even guys.

No one wants to hear you don’t look good, so we’re constantly looking in mirrors, fixing our hair, and adjusting things about ourselves to be visually pleasing to everyone else. On the flip side, people enjoy receiving compliments on their looks. It increases self-esteem and makes people feel more comfortable about the way they look. I appreciate it when someone says something nice to me.

However, it isn’t just about how others judge us that affects our body image.

As well-known actor/comedian Russell Brand puts it, “You cannot define yourself in reference to other external coordinates … you must define yourself internally and you’ll beam like the sun.”

It’s important to find a sense of confidence within yourself. Not everyone gets to look like Brad Pitt or Jennifer Lopez.

Developing self-esteem

Finding physical qualities about yourself that you can feel good about is vital in becoming comfortable in your own skin. For example, I own a pair of Chubbies shorts. They are much shorter, and a lot more comfortable for that matter, than your typical pair of men’s shorts. I am able to wear these with confidence, as I like my legs (thanks to hours and hours of insane workouts, of course). Chubbies is trying to spread what they call, “Thigh Liberation,” across the globe for guys of all shapes and sizes. They want men to move past how others view them and simply feel good about themselves.

When comparing the feelings of girls versus guys about body image, it’s easy to tell that girls are much more concerned about it. They really do ask people questions like, “Do these jeans make my butt look big?” or “OMG, does this dress make me look fat?” On the other hand, guys (for the most part) are much more nonchalant about their looks.

If a teenage girl woke up and noticed she had a pimple, there’s a chance she might not go to school that day. A guy in that situation would pop the zit and be on his way. However, there are guys who do stress about body image and there are girls who don’t worry about it too much.

All in all, body image is something that is at least thought about by everyone. Whether we stress about it or not, it’s human instinct to want to look good. As the saying goes, “Look good, feel good.”

Personally, I’m grateful that I can look in the mirror every morning and embrace my appearance. It’s not in a presumptuous or arrogant way, but I’m happy with how I look. In that one moment it’s just enough to remind me that when I walk out the door I will be ready to take on the world.

By Eric

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