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Expert Advice from Cleveland Clinic Experts: Tips for Staying Healthy

Staying healthy has taken on new meaning this year due to COVID-19. Not only do we want to take care of ourselves but also we want to be mindful of those around us. With so much information available, it’s hard to find answers to some of the questions that we have. We’re grateful to share this series of articles from our partners at the Cleveland Clinic which offer helpful, clear expert advice on safety protocols, managing the pandemic-related stressors – including mask anxiety – and coronavirus testing scenarios and options.

FLU SHOT. While we await the COVID-19 vaccine, let’s make sure we get our yearly flu shots. “Getting your flu vaccine this year is vital to not just keeping you and your family healthy, but relieving our over-burdened healthcare system.” READ MORE


COVID FRUSTRATION. We’ve all felt like we’ve hit the wall at some point during the pandemic. It’s perfectly acceptable to be frustrated, but the truth is, we’re in this for the long haul. Here are 10 helpful suggestions for how to relieve stress and get through this time. READ MORE


COLLEGE DURING A PANDEMIC. What should college students be doing to say safe in their dorm rooms and on campus? You’ll want to read through these tips and calming advice for worried parents from pediatric infectious disease specialist, Camille Sabella. READ MORE


MASK ANXIETY. “Some people might want to wear masks to help stop the spread of COVID-19, however, the thought of actually doing it can cause a great deal of stress or even panic.” Mask anxiety is a real problem. Learn what it is and how to manage it. READ MORE


GETTING TESTED. How do you know when to get tested for coronavirus? And if so, how do you make sense of the different types of tests? Read on for answers. READ MORE



GETTING A FAMILY DOCTOR. Hoping to build a long term relationship with a physician who takes the time to get to know you and your family? Want a doctor who can treat what ails you and connect you with a specialist if necessary? A family doc may be the perfect fit for your family. READ MORE


FAMILY GATHERINGS. “Whether it’s how to plan for gatherings, what to do if you can’t see family or even if your family disagree about the best course of action, there could be tough choices ahead.” Psychologist Adriane Bennett, Ph.D., offers advice about how to plan for and manage our expectations. READ MORE


SEASONAL AFFECTIVE DISORDER. Winter by itself is a source of Seasonal Affective Disorder. Throw in the pandemic and we may have SAD on steroids. Scott Bea, PsyD, acknowledges that the cold, dark months present a challenge for people and that’s why he’s got these suggestions to develop habits that can help us ward off the winter blues. READ MORE

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