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New Year’s Eve For Teenagers: New Year’s Safety And Partying

Drinking On New Year’s, And Other Concerns


virtual-family-momNew Year’s Eve is approaching and with it the anxiety of having someplace to go, something to do. This is the one night when there seems to be extra pressure to go out and do something special. As a teenager, it seemed if you weren’t kissing someone special at midnight, getting drunk and starting the new year with a hangover, you were a loser.

Today, I guess I am showing my age, but I am so happy to stay home and rent a movie. And I don’t really care if I am sound asleep at midnight. I am happy to be off the roads and not worrying about other drivers being under the influence.

How do you all feel about New Years?  Is there pressure to party hard?  What advice would you give teens for staying safe?

Yeah, I mean everyone my age wants to be going out for New Year’s Eve. It’s a big night and I feel like people expect to be doing something. I am not going to lie I am very disappointed that I will be working late that night. I wish I could be with my boyfriend or out with the girls or back in Columbus for the night. But reality gets in the way. I have come to realize that I will not be partying or doing something fun every holiday. Time to be a grown up.

But, yes, there is this weird feeling that if you’re not out, then you are missing out.

My favorite New Year’s memories are as an early teen (or younger). My sister and I would be home watching movies, having our own party with potato chips and onion dip. At midnight, we’d awatch the ball drop on TV, and then turn back to something else.

As an adult, I hate the thought of having to go out-go to a party or do something else special-just because it’s New Year’s Eve. Every time I’m out celebrating, I regret not being home with potato chips and onion dip. (Although admittedly, I now wish it was with my wife.)

My suggestion…do whatever you like. Just be CAREFUL! There are lots of drunks out there driving around.

I agree that there is always pressure to start the New Year with style, which usually means taking part in some crazy activities. Drinking is one thing that many people do to start off the New Year. Often, even at teenage New Year’s Eve parties, there is drinking. New Year’s Eve might be the hardest time to refuse drinking as a teen, since it is a lot more tempting because people try to justify it by stating that it is New Year’s Eve.

However, not going to a party or not being out with friends is a lot less fun to me. Being at home with the family is always good, but I think New Year’s Eve is a night where it is a lot of fun to be with friends or at a party. It is also a night, however, to be extra careful with your actions.

There can definitely be pressure to party hard and drink on New Year’s, and it’s just another one of those pressures teens can and face on the road to maturity. But here’s a little consolation for those who are unsure:

The great thing about New Year’s is that it happens every year. Teens will have plenty of opportunities to drink (hopefully more responsibly) once they are adults who are legally allowed to do so, and then they’ll have the rest of their lives to suffer through hangovers on that one night or whatever takes their fancy. Not to mention, it’s just one night! Forget about all the hype built up around it — every day is just as good a day to kiss someone special or do something memorable.

Mindy Gallagher is the Social Media Manager for Your Teen Magazine. She is the assistant coach for the girls’ lacrosse team for Solon High School in Ohio.

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