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Teens Abusing Prescription Drugs – Why Parents Should Be Worried

Teens And Prescription Drugs: Advice From The Recovery Community

Teens are abusing and misusing prescription drugs. And the professionals and experts are very concerned that the numbers for teen prescription drug abuse are increasing. What are the signs of prescription drug abuse? Aaron M. who is in the recovery community, shares what he sees.


So my name is Aaron, member of the recovery community, and I’m happy to be able to help. But, you know, I was asked if I think things have changed since I was growing up, and I do. I think that even though things were already starting to get pretty bad when I was growing up, I feel like it’s getting younger and younger. People are starting to experiment with drugs, and there’s this sense that it’s okay, that because it’s prescription drugs. Or because, you know, so many people are doing it, that it’s okay. And I feel like it is getting worse. So it’s definitely something you know, when people are thinking I wonder if it’s happening in my town, my school, my kids, you know, most likely, unfortunately it is.


You know, when asked what I’d do if I had a kid, if I had a teenager, how would I help him not make the same mistakes, or how would I protect them and keep them off of drugs. You know, I think it’s a very difficult question. But based on my opinion, what I would do is sit my kid down and say, “Listen, I understand that you want to feel good. I understand that you want to fit in with your friends, or the people around you. That’s a totally normal thing to want. You know, as an adult I want to feel good.”

And then I would say, “You know what? These things probably would make you feel good for a little, small period of time. But I think you need to understand that there are real consequences. That there is a huge possibility that you will get sick, that you will die, that you will become addicted.” And I would try to be as honest as I possibly can. Just say, “Here are the real situations that come from this.” I’d just try to talk to my kid as much as I can and act like an adult.

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