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Conversation with Tori Cordiano, Ph.D: Week 4 with No End in Sight

Tori Cordiano, clinical psychologist and director of the Center of Research on Girls at Laurel School, joined Your Teen to answer questions from parents. In case you missed it, here it is.

She answered questions about concerns that parents had now that many families find themselves several weeks into staying home:

✔️Sibling conflicts
✔️Parent conflicts
✔️Lack of motivation
✔️How difficult it is to be purposeful
✔️Challenges for only kids
✔️Frustrations about not being able to see their friends
✔️Social media and gaming
✔️Bedtime and wakeup routines (or lack thereof)
✔️Whether to share our stresses with our teenagers

As usual, Dr. Cordiano provided helpful information so participants could put what is happening in their homes into perspective as well as some strategies for talking with our teenagers so that we can all be our best during such an unusual time.

At the end of the webinar, each participant shared something that was going well in their home. There were so many great ideas that we are sharing them here.

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Wins at Home:

👉Giving kids a list of possible meals and letting them choose the menu for the next night helps them feel like they have more control
👉Getting outside every day
👉Having kids make dinners. I’m loving it
👉Playing games and doing puzzles
👉Daily exercise
👉Having consistent chores
👉Following a structured schedule with flexibility included
👉Swapping puzzles with friends after we wipe them down
👉Letting our kids decided which meals they will join us for. As college kids, they’re used to having some agency over when and what to eat
👉Playing Virtual Charades with the families we care about—really fun and silly
👉Learning to do their own laundry, cook, and clean toilets
👉Making the same meal as another family (requires planning ahead) and then FaceTiming during the meal
👉Sharing one thing they are grateful for every day
👉Shopping together for our elderly neighbors and dropping it on their doorstop
👉Pursuing things they want to learn that don’t have to do with school like cooking, sewing, building something, etc.
👉Having each child make a phone call every day to a family member

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