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Saving Halloween: 5 Creative Ways to Rescue Halloween 2020

Like everything else in 2020, Halloween is going to be different this year. With the COVID-19 pandemic worsening in most of the U.S., and with the Centers for Disease Control advising that many Halloween traditions are less than safe, we asked our Your Teen Facebook family for their creative Halloween ideas—and boy did they deliver!

Here are five awesome—and safer—ways to celebrate:

5 Creative Halloween Ideas for Teens

  1. Stay-at-Home Costume Party. Even families that decide to stay home can still go all in and dress up. Have some festive food, share costumes over Zoom, and definitely take lots of photos, because this will be one to remember! (Hint: How about bonus candy for the best tricks and scares?)
  2. Halloween Movie Marathon. Line up the playlist, buy yourselves your favorite candy (no more reject candies!), and stay up late. Don’t forget, it’s a Saturday this year—and we also get an extra hour when the clocks “fall back” this Halloween night!
  3. Halloween Baskets. Think Easter baskets, but … Halloween! Pick out some fun trinkets, favorite goodies, and maybe even hide the basket or candy. Why not?
  4. Safer Candy Distribution. Clip candy to string lights across the garage door or a decorative spider web, distribute with a 6’ fishing net, or set up a table with individual bags of candy—and then sit outside and watch the fun! Some families are also creating awesome candy chutes out of PVC piping—and one of our Facebook families is even starting their chute at a second-floor bedroom window! Candy cannons are a thing, too: Picture a t-shirt cannon, but with candy. Fun!
  5. Neighborhood Parade. All the fun of dressing up and seeing neighbors with none of the germs. Add in a jack-o-lantern display (or contest!) and some packaged treats ready to grab, and you’ve got a festive, social, and memorable celebration!

There you have it, five amazing ways to keep Halloween fun. So, no excuses! Enjoy the day—you deserve it!

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