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Advice for Pandemic Parenting of Teenagers

Day one was kind of fun. We were all a team enjoying the new normal. Day two was still okay. By day three, it all fell apart. There are too many meals and too many dishes. We have toilet paper, but how much is enough? And it looks like there’s no end in sight.

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Some researchers are saying that social distancing could continue for quite a long time. I can’t envision what my life and my family’s life will look like in another few weeks, let alone months. And it seems like I’m not alone. So Your Teen set out to get as much helpful advice as possible during this trying time.

I’ve done five interviews with outstanding experts. Each one taking a slightly different parenting angle.

Distance Learning
with Ann Klotz, Head of Laurel School

For Parents of High School Juniors
with Ned Johnson, Founder of PrepMatters

For Parents of Defiant Teens
with Psychologist Neil Bernstein

For Parents of Home From College Kids
with Deborah Paris, LISW

For Parents of “Lazy” Kids
with Psychologist Adam Price, Author of He’s Not Lazy

For Parents of Teenagers: Setting Reasonable Expectations
with Psychologist Tori Cordiano

Parents of Teenagers with Anxiety
with Psychologist John Duffy, author of Parenting the New Teen in the Age of Anxiety

For Parents of Teenagers
with Psychologist Carolyn Ievers-Landis

Susan Borison, mother of five, is the founder and editor of Your Teen Media. Because parenting teenagers is humbling and shouldn’t be tackled alone.

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