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Bad Parenting Moments — True Confessions

Here’s our parenting confession: We love our families, sometimes they get on our last nerve. And when that happens, “mom rage” takes over.

Baring our souls here to share those moments during these past months when we just haven’t been our best selves — or even close to it. To all the moms out there, you’re not alone. Parenting is hard.

Parenting Confessions: Our Bad Mom Moments

I had “two-way feelings.” I wanted my kids to pitch in and help out. But then when/if they asked, I wouldn’t let them. I wanted them to assume more responsibility, but I didn’t want to lose control of my domain. I couldn’t stop feeling frustrated and they couldn’t win.

Stress. Woman stressed is going crazy pulling her hair in frustration isolated on gray wall background. Negative human emotions feelings reactionHad a pity party and weepily declared, “I come last in this family!”




In a pandemic rage cleaning fit, I may or may not have thrown out a box of “treasures” one of my kids marked as “Keep.”

“This entire house used to be my office. Now I have one room and you’re bringing a putting rug in here???” Followed by storming out and then cue the ugly cry.



My husband and kids were driving me particularly crazy one day, so I went to bed right after dinner and let them clean up. They all thought I must be getting sick, so they didn’t bother me. I had 5 blissful hours alone in my bedroom to read and watch Netflix. I’m kind of wondering how soon I can do that again…

A few weeks into quarantine I just could not think up, shop for and cook one more family dinner. I was so fed up with feeling like I was a short order chef so I requested, maybe with not the kindest delivery—that every kid would take one night and be totally responsible for dinner. It actually turned out to be a great idea and lots of fun – but my delivery of the idea/demand definitely was not.

Young woman standing on her knees on overfilled suitcase, trying to close it.

I packed my bags and was going to go to a hotel. I was having trouble breathing. Those horrible children were sucking all the air in the house. My husband ran interference and saved the day.


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