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Teen Speak: I’m Not Motivated For School. Motivating Boys

A lot of girls I have gone to school with prioritize grades over everything else. I know that school matters, but there are a lot of other things that matter, or that I enjoy a lot more. I try to put a lot of my energy towards being successful in school, but school is not everything to me.

Yes, I feel a lack of motivation does ring true for me; a lot of the time, I just don’t feel motivated to try my hardest in school. I’m not sure why, but there are just a lot of things that matter a lot more to me: sports, friends, having fun.

I just am more motivated to do things I enjoy than things I don’t.

I feel like the main reason that teenage guys are behind in a lot of ways is because girls show how they feel. A lot of us guys don’t care or express ourselves as much. As a guy, I’ve just always grown up thinking that crying is bad. I’m never really open about how I feel about a lot of things because it seems like they don’t really matter.

I feel like I do take a lot of risks and try new things—like trying new sports or making foods that I haven’t tried before. I try to be more independent so that I don’t need my parents to do things for me and I can do things for myself. My parents support a lot of risks I take that help make me more independent and helpful. And a lot of decisions I make about taking risks are based on what my parents would think of it.

Headshot Aidan Turos in baseball uniformEven though I’m not working my hardest at school right now, I feel confident and motivated about the future because I want to be successful when I am older. I want to get a job that I enjoy so that I don’t waste my life having a 9 to 5 office job that I dread. I want to do something that I genuinely enjoy for the rest of my life that also makes a good living.

Aidan Turos just completed his freshman year of high school. He enjoys baseball, soccer, swimming, and running.

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