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Ad Specifications


In order for your ads to look their best, please adhere to the requirements below. Please note that ads for web and print differ in size* and we cannot use the same file for print and web. Ads in any other format other than stated below (such as Word or Publisher) will not be accepted. If you require design services or resizing, please contact your Sales Rep for a quote.**


  • All images used in the ads must also be high-res (300 dpi) and CMYK.
  • Preferred Format: PDF X-1A files.
  • Acceptable Formats: PDF, TIF or JPG, or EPS file with fonts converted to outlines and images embedded into the file.
  • Ad must be sized to correct specifications full page, half vertical, half horizonal, or quarter size placement.
    • Page trim size: 8.5”w x 10.875”h
    • Full page bleed: 8.5”w x 10.875”h. 8.75”w x 11.25”h
    • Full page non bleed: 7.5”w x 9.875”h
    • 1/2 page vertical: 3.625”w x 9.875”h
    • 1/2 page horizontal: 7.5”w x 4.875”h
    • 1/4 page square: 3.625”w x 4.875”h
    • Back cover: 8.5 ”w x 8.75”h (add 1/8″ bleed to left, right, and bottom edge)
  • Email ad to your sales rep. If you do not have a sales rep, please contact our sales team here.


  • All files must be web resolution (72 dpi at 100%) and RGB.
  • Acceptable Format: JPG, GIF, PNG.
  • Ad must be sized to correct specifications.
    • Pages – Mobile Size: 300W x 250H pixels
    • Pages – Single Column: 1370W × Any Height pixels
    • Above Header: 970W × 250H pixels
    • Footer: 780W × 200H pixels
  • The URL to which the ad will link to must be provided for click-tracking to be recorded.
  • Email ad to your sales rep. If you do not have a sales rep, please contact our sales team here.


For print ads, we require a printed, high resolution digital proof to be submitted with all ads to ensure color quality. If no proof is submitted we cannot be responsible for proof color reproduction.

* TERMS: All ads must be submitted in the correct size, resolution, format, etc. or they will not be accepted. See above for size requirements. If you need help getting your ad to spec, we can help you, put please note – there will be an additional charge for all design, production and technical services. Please speak to your Your Teen Sales Rep for more information.

**AD DESIGN: The Your Teen creative department can create a great looking and effective ad for you. Edits to existing ads such as size changes, minor copy or image changes may be done only after an inspection and review of the existing ad’s format and file type – for a fee. Flattened art can not be edited. Please contact your Sales Rep for info on services and fees.