Ramen Hacks

Looking for Ramen Hacks?

Ramen was a comfort food for me growing up. My father drew on recipes he learned while living in Korea for two years and often made it for our Saturday afternoon lunch.

Now, when my teens are tired of their usual comfort foods (hot dogs, mac and cheese, and pizza bites) I follow my dad’s example and pull out ramen recipes, too. My kids love it!

Instant Ramen Hacks

Ramen can be an excellent choice for households and easy recipes for college students pinching pennies, and simply adding a few inexpensive ingredients can elevate brand recipes from basic to drool-worthy.

What to Add to Instant Ramen

The secret to good ramen is the broth. You can punch up the flavor of ramen broth with your own ingredients.

Looking for Ramen Hacks?

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